1.1. Central Asian and Southern Caucasian Freedom of Expression Network (further CASCFEN) is a voluntary association of the public organizations, called to protect freedom of expression and press in the region agreed to Article 19 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration.

1.2. Any national, regional or international organization focused on protection of a freedom of speech and a press in the region shall become a member of CASCFEN.

1.3. CASCFEN covers the region of eight independent countries of Southern Caucasus and the Central Asia – Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

1.4. CASCFEN is an association of noncommercial and nongovernmental organizations.

1.5. Headquarters of CASCFEN are in capital of Azerbaijan – city of Baku.


2.1. Coordinates efforts of the organizations included in CASCFEN with the purpose of cooperation in sphere of upholding of rights of citizens of region on a freedom of speech and a press.

2.2. Acts with references and recommendations to power structures of the countries of region and the international organizations on questions of protection of a freedom of speech and a press.

2.3. Protects professional interests and rights of journalists of region.

2.4. Organizes material support to the organizations included in CASCFEN.

2.5. Protects rights of journalists and authors on the intellectual property.

2.6. Issues the publications.

2.7. Launches contacts of the international organizations with the regional and national organizations which are not the members of CASCFEN.

2.8. CASCFEN shall carry out other kinds of activity within the framework of the legislation of the countries of region for achievement of the authorized purposes.


3.1. Exists two kinds of membership in CASCFEN – full and associated.

3.3.1. A full membership:

  • Full members of CASCFEN shall become the nongovernmental and noncommercial organizations which are based on the territory of one of the above named countries of region and assert a freedom of speech and press;
  • Full member-organizations have equal rights irrespective of volume of work and duration of existence;
  • An organization, wishing to become a member of CASCFEN shall present to managing body of the Network the application and copies of the documents confirming its mandate and the form of activity, focused on protection of freedom of speech and press;
  • Full members shall have the representative right on general meetings of  CASCFEN, and also other events of the general direction;
  • Full members shall have the right to elect and be elected to the managing body of the Network;
  • All members of CASCFEN are obliged to follow the given Charter and in case of infringement of its norms to bear the responsibility before General meeting of the Network.

3.1.2. The associated membership:

  • The international and  regional nongovernmental and noncommercial organizations interested in protection and development of freedom of speech and press in the territory of region of the Central Asia and Southern Caucasus shall become the associated members of CASCFEN;
  • The international and regional organizations wishing to become a member of CASCFEN shall present to the management of the Network the documents confirming their current work and long-term plans on development and protection of a freedom of speech and press in the region or the separate countries of the region;
  • The associated members shall not have the right to be presented in managing bodies of CASCFEN, and also to vote and put forward nominees on managing posts;
  • They shall act with applications, offers for consideration in General Meeting or at session of managing body of CASCFEN.

3.2. Termination of membership in CASCFEN

3.2.1. The Full and associated members shall deduced from  the CASCFEN in the following cases:

  • For regular default of positions of the Charter of CASCFEN;
  • On the basis of the written application for an exit from members of CASCFEN;
  • In case of change of the contents of activity of a member-organization.


Organizational structure of CASCFEN consists of the following formations:

  • Headquarters;
  • Representations in the countries of region.


1.1. General meeting

1.1.1. Is the supreme body of CASCFEN and shall be carried out not less than once per year;
1.1.2. The norm of representation on General meeting is determined by the Council of CASCFEN and informed to all members not later than three months before realization of general Meeting.
1.1.3. Shall be convoked by the decision of the Council of CASCFEN or on demand of 1/3 of all full member-organizations.
1.1.4. It is considered proxy in case of participation of 2/3 representatives.
1.1.5. Makes of the decision on the introduction into the membership, and also on exception of membership.
1.1.6. Launches and dismisses CASCFEN.
1.1.7. Accepts changes and additions to the Charter of CASCFEN.
1.1.8. Elects the chairman of the Council of CASCFEN and hears his (her) annual reports.
1.1.9. Solves other questions within the framework of the Charter.

1.2. Chairman of the Council of CASCFEN

1.2.1. Is elected on General Meeting of CASCFEN from among representatives of full members for the period of 2 years.
1.2.2. Is the supreme representative of CASCFEN, speaks on behalf of the Network.
1.2.3. Lobbies the interests of CASCFEN.
1.2.4. Acts with appeals and signs agreements on behalf of CASCFEN on the basis of the preliminary agreement with members of the Council.
1.2.5. Presents to the General Meeting annual (substantial and financial) reports on the carried out work.

1.3. Council of CASCFEN

1.3.1. The amount of members of the Council is defined by General Meeting of CASCFEN.
1.3.2. Shall be created from representatives of full members of CASCFEN.
1.3.3. Shall carry out meetings not less than 4 times a year.
1.3.4. Makes of the decisions of the current character within the framework of Charter of CASCFEN.


6.1. CASCFEN is the legal person, has the form, bank accounts and other essential elements.

6.2. CASCFEN has the right to get property and the real estate to rent or lease the real estate to perform the authorized purposes.
6.3. Property of CASCFEN is created due to the following sources:

  • The income of rent;
  • The income of publishing;
  • Gratuitous contributions of citizens;
  • Sponsor’s donations of the organizations;
  • Grants from the international funds;
  • Incomes of other sources which have not been forbidden by the law.


CASCFEN shall be disbanded by self-dissolution on the basis of the decision of General Meeting.

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