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Erosi Kitsmarishvili Willing to Help Georgian Journalism, Tbilisi, 06 Nov 2008 – Former owner of Rustavi 2 broadcasting company and former ambassador of Georgia to Russia, Erosi Kitsmarishvili declares that he wants to help Georgian journalism. In a talk-show Unknown Caucasus (a joint project of radio Utsnobi and Kavkazia TV) aired on November 6 Kitsmarishvili declared that Georgian media “should develop in a useful direction and from this viewpoint positive processes shall occur”.

According to him media today is monopolized, and society is under propagandistic pressure. Kitsmarishvili declared that media shall cease propagandistic activities. “I am trying to help Georgian journalism including online sphere to form information space that will benefit society by providing it with an objective depiction of every single process”, – declared Kitsmarishvili. Official Tbilisi summoned Kitsmarishvili for consultations on July 2008 after Russian military aircrafts violated Georgian airspace.

After the five-day Georgian-Russian warfare Kitsmarishvili criticized Georgian authorities in media for “not being able to avoid armed conflict with Russia”. At the same time former ambassador urges the special parliamentary commission established regarding the August crisis to interrogate him. Former owner of Rustavi 2 is now a co-founder of Foundation 2020. According to Kitsmarishvili the purpose of the foundation is to support Georgian media.

In Unknown Caucasus talk-show Kitsmarishvili referred to the raid and the close down of Imedi TV by Georgian authorities as “off-limit impudence”. At the same time he clarified why he supported Mikhail Saakashvili in the presidential elections scheduled after the November 7 crisis.

Kitsmarishvili declared that already-deceased Badri Patarkatsishvili, founder of Imedi TV and oligarch Boris Berezovski intended to do what did in Russian in years 1996 and 1999. As Kitsmarishvili claims Putin came to power in Russia owing to Berezovsky and Patarkatsisvhili indeed; “it was their project. They intended to gain control over the authority in Georgia by using the same scheme”.

“I am aware of what steps where taken and as just another patriot of Georgia I couldn’t leave my country facing the shady venture”, – declared Kitsmarishvili.

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